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Primitive Fire Starting

This fine art is becoming very popular among scouts, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Flint and Steel is my personal favorite followed by Bow & Drill. These techniques were replaced as matches and lighters were invented and provided quick and easy means to start a fire. However, something magical was lost. I know in reality there is no difference between a campfire started with different methods, but mentally and spiritually there is a big difference. You develop a personal connection with the fire when you use old techniques. Ask anyone who has witnessed the starting of a campfire by flint and steel and they will tell you it was magical. There are many kits on the market place, I encourage you to learn about Sparks Fly kits shown on our site and look around at other manufactures. Some are more complete than other and of very different qualities. Read more about primitive fire starting at http://scoutskills.com/products.

Backpacks – You Need a Good One

If you are going hiking, backpacking, or camping then you need a good backpack. There are many different types and specific reasons why you need each one for different activities. Comfort is very important, because you will most certainly not have any fun when your pack starts hurting. There are many guides out there about how to fit a backpack and what type of backpack to choose. We have taken the time to compile some of that information for you to read before you go shopping. We have also provided some sponsors on our article pages so you can find the right backpack at a discount. Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Read more about backpacks at http://scoutskills.com/things-to-consider-in-backpacking-backpacks and check out http://AboutBackpacks.com for even more articles and information on backpacks.


Tents – A Must For Overnight Camping

Similar to backpacks, there are many options to choose from. Each specifically designed for different uses. There are some that are very small and extremely light, perfect for use along long trails. Some are large and can sleep 8 or more people, these are more suited for a base camp campsite. Price is a big factor when looking at tents. The lighter the materials for the same size tent, the more expensive it is. There are many reasonably priced tents to suit any need you have. We also provide you with some great sponsors that sell tents at very reasonable prices. Feel free to shop with them or look around at your local sporting goods store. Just make sure to do your homework and read reviews before you buy. Nothing will ruin a camping trip faster than a bad night sleep in a poorly picked tent.

Boots – Finding Good Boots Can Be Tricky

Your feet will keep you moving provided they are kept in good condition. The right boot for your activity is critical to keep you feet healthy. Picking the wrong boot will mean sore feet, lack of energy, blisters, and even wet feet leading to fungus and athlete’s foot. We have taken the time to do our research on the different aspects and features that you will need to sort through to find the best match. In addition we have also found sponsors that offer popular brands that will fit you need at a discounted price. When you order online, you usually have the option to return or exchange the boots at no cost. This is not only convenient but will allow you to shop from home in comfort and not be pressured in to a sale by a sales person.

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